Welcome to our new website...

We thought it was about time to update our web presence...and here we have the new Griffin Conveyancing website. We think it's a vast improvement on what we previously had and would like to thank Jason for his ideas, imput and help in setting the site up. We're able to change things visually and copy wise on a regular basis, so who knows, those who avoided photo ops for adding to the site (me) might make it next time! Hope you like the new look.

Now for news at Griffin Conveyancing...In the New Year we welcomed our most recent staff member, Annette Moyce. Annette has spent much of her working life at the Commonwealth Bank, at various branches in Central Victoria...but more particularly the Castlemaine branch. Many locals will recognise Annette from her customer service role at the bank, and we are extremely happy to have her join our team. 

Amber Roberts has just celebrated her fourth anniversary at Griffin Conveyancing...we believe it's the longest time she's stayed at a workplace, and we hope she's happy staying on for a long time yet! 

Posted on April 9, 2013 .